Instant Payments FAQs

eCOMM Business Current Account & Instant Payments

1 — Where can I use the card?

You can use your prepaid corporate debit Mastercard anywhere Mastercard is accepted. That's millions of online stores, as well as shops and businesses, in more than 210 countries.

2 — What rebate do I get?

Every time you spend using the card, you will earn 0.5% of the amount back in rebate (or 1 in every 200 spent). The more you spend using the card, the more you earn. Your rebate will be paid into your account monthly and each rebate payment will appear as a line item in your online statement.

*Note: where you transfer money to another bank account, or withdraw at an ATM, these funds are not spent via the card and so will not qualify for the rebate.

3 — Are there any fees with this account?

Fees table.

4 — Can I pay bills?

Where your supplier allows you to upload your card details (examples include Sky TV and EasyTrip), you can pay bills automatically. Otherwise you will need to contact your supplier to pay via card (and earn a rebate) or via bank transfer (in which case a rebate is not earned).

5 — How long does it take for funds received via the terminal to be available on the card?

In most cases this takes a matter of seconds. The funds from the payment on your Point of Sale terminal, once authorised, are transferred in real time to your Business Current Account.

6 — How do I activate my card?

In order to use your card, you must follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign your name on the reverse of the card
  2. Please access your Business Current Account at
  3. Enter your username & password as supplied in our Welcome email & select Business Current Account
  4. Select PIN Reveal to get your PIN number and your card will be activated

7 — Can I use the Instant Payments service if I'm an existing merchant with eCOMM?

Yes, we can upgrade your account. This is only for accepting cards 'face-to-face' in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Greece and Cyprus. It excludes eCommerce and all transactions outside the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Greece and Cyprus. Just call us on the Support Helpline, and we can arrange to get some details from you, tel: UK +44 (0)20 7183 5253 or EU +353 (0) 46 901 1288.

8 — What countries is the Instant Payments service available in?

Currently, the Instant Payments service is available to customers in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Greece and Cyprus. We plan to roll this out to our customers in other countries in the near future and will be notifying all the relevant customers when this service enhancement becomes available.

9 — How much can be withdrawn from an ATM at any one time?

The maximum amounts that can be withdrawn are as follows:

Maximum ATM single withdrawal amount 500
Maximum ATM daily withdrawal 1,500
Maximum ATM monthly withdrawal 50,000

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