Cashless Taxi Journeys Take Off at Dublin Airport with eCOMM Merchant Solutions

Published: 01/May/2019

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Irish Fintech company, eCOMM Merchant Solutions, has teamed up with The Taxi Alliance of Ireland to support Dublin Airport in delivering an improved passenger experience.

eCOMM Merchant Solutions has embarked on an initiative to equip the taxis serving Dublin Airport with in-car card payment terminals, and more taxis are being equipped each day. The aim of the initiative is to provide all passengers leaving Dublin Airport via taxi with the option to pay for their journey without the need to worry about cash.

Speaking about the initiative, Dublin Airport Landside Standards Manager, Anthony McGarry said 'The demand for paying taxi fares by credit card or smart device is increasing all the time and it's really important that option is available for passengers. With more taxis having the option for customers to pay this way, it means passengers will not be delayed further waiting for a taxi which has that facility. In addition, transactions will be more transparent as there are printed receipts for all.'

Photo of Anthony McGarry, Dominic Higgins and Gerry MackenAnthony McGarry (DAA), Dominic Higgins (eCOMM) and Gerry Macken (Taxi Alliance of Ireland)

Gerry Macken, Chairman of The Taxi Alliance of Ireland added, 'This is especially useful for business travellers who prefer to pay expenses via American Express, Mastercard, Visa and services including Apple Pay and Google Pay. For the taxi drivers, they now have a means to run their business more competitively, and with more safety as there’s less reliance on carrying cash.'

Dominic Higgins, Commercial Director of eCOMM Merchant Solutions, commented 'With this initiative, we have brought a one-stop-shop solution to the drivers, providing fast settlement times, competitive rates and all supported by our local call centre in Ireland. We are always delighted to support local Irish companies with their payment needs and by one Irish company selecting another Irish company, it will help us create more jobs in Ireland where we recently announced 50 new roles.'

Feedback on the scheme has been excellent and Higgins anticipates passengers will be cleared to taxi without cash at other locations around the country.

Paul Bale is Marketing Manager at eCOMM Merchant Solutions.
The views expressed here are my own.