Take Payments
Over the Phone

A Virtual Terminal on your computer

We offer merchants a solution to take "over the phone" payments from their customers. You can start taking payments over the phone securely using our virtual terminal, a web based interface.

The phone solution may also be facilitated through our physical point of sale (POS) devices.

eCOMM provides a comprehensive backoffice processing and reporting system that helps MOTO transactions to be processed in line with general procedural and security requirements.

MOTO Payments

Used predominantly for accepting mail order/telephone order (MOTO) payments or for manual exception handling, the benefits include:

  • Take payments over the phone with our secure web interface
  • Quick and easy to access with no technical set up required
  • User-friendly interface designed with our customers in mind
  • Leave your card machine free to serve customers in store
  • Real-time reporting helps keep track of your payments
  • Risk management to help with protection from fraud
Taking payments over the phone image.

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