Be Fraud Aware – a Vital Guide for Merchants on Minimising the Risk of Card Payment Fraud for Your Business

For most merchants, the instance of fraud is mercifully rare. However, it pays to be vigilant, and in this article, I will set out the 3 best ways minimise exposure to card fraud. In addition, I'll also cover how to avoid 2 common issues.

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Get the most out of your Merchant Account for Card Payments

Here's our 6 tips to help ensure you are getting the best possible service.

Tip #1 Real-time reporting – ask your provider for real-time reporting of your customer transactions. You can then log in to view, analyse and manage your card transactions as they happen.

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Demystifying the 'mobile' in mobile payments

The term 'mobile payments' has been used to describe a range of different technologies, leading many to become confused. Below is our 4-point guide to what the various terms mean.

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