Partner with eCOMM Merchant Solutions

We have a successful track record of working with Independent Sales Organisations (ISOs), and as our reputation spreads, we are happy to add to our list of successful partnerships.

Trust in our customer care

Of prime importance to you is how we work with your customers. From the ground-up, our organisation is built to deliver a superior level of customers service:

Quick answers

We are a 1-stop-shop, being a combined gateway, acquirer, processor and terminal provider all in one. This means one phone call to resolve any queries.

Friendly service

Our call-centre in Navan, Ireland is staffed by our Customer Care team who are well versed and experienced in providing support that is both friendly and efficient.

Great rates

We also generate great efficiencies from our structure as 1-stop shop. With no middleman to pay, we pass the savings on to your customer.

Innovative products

We are driven by the true Fintech ethos of using technology to make life easier for customers, via cutting edge financial service products.

Trust in our commitment to you

Features such as our paperless merchant onboarding system are designed to make your life easier, while our recurring income business model demonstrates our commitment to lasting relationships with you and your customers.

Join us in growing fast

We are licensed to operate in 35 countries and our technology is built to scale easily. Join us as we grow.