Payment Acceptance Integration

Seamless Solutions for Your Website or App

eCOMM Merchant Solutions provide a comprehensive array of options built around our proprietary technology & platform to allow merchants to integrate with us and benefit from our wide range of payment solutions.

This gives merchants flexibility, as well as quick, easy and hassle free integration and allows us to get merchants up and running in a matter of days.

There are 4 different ways to integrate to eCOMM Merchant Solutions:

  • API
  • Hosted Payment Page / iFrame
  • Token Integration
  • Virtual Terminal or Online Payment Terminal
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An application programming interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. The API specifies how software components should interact and are used when programming user interfaces.

The eCOMM Merchant Solutions API allows merchants to fully integrate the payment process into their own application. Card details are entered in their application or website and submitted to eCOMM Merchant Solutions over a secure connection. The technology independent nature of XML allows merchants to access eCOMM Merchant Solutions services through their system regardless of the technology, language or device used.

Hosted Payment Page / iFrame

The Hosted Payment Page solution allows merchants to redirect customers from their checkout environment to a secure hosted page when they arrive at the payment phase. Customers then enter their payment details which are captured by eCOMM Merchant Solutions' secure servers. When payment is complete the customer is re-directed back to the merchant site.

The iFrame solution allows the merchant to embed a secure eCOMM hosted page into their own checkout page and process. An iFrame (Inline Frame) is essentially a part of the eCOMM Merchant Solutions' system embedded within the overall design of the merchants' application or website.

Using the Hosted Payment page or iFrame means the merchant never needs to handle any sensitive data, removing the need for the merchant to be PCI compliant.

Developer Guide for Hosted Payment Page

Token Integration

Using tokenisation, credit card data is completely replaced with a randomly generated number. For the merchant, tokens take the place of sensitive credit card data. Using token integration allows the merchant to register customer details and redirect to an eCOMM Merchant Solutions hosted payment page to complete payment. We support the following token methods:

  • Register by token
  • Pay by token
  • Register and pay by token

Developer Guide for Token Integration

Virtual Terminal or Online Payment Terminal

This option requires no setup by the merchant. It is used for Mobile Order/ Telephone Order (MOTO) transactions. In this scenario, eCOMM provides the merchant with access to our back office portal and the ability to submit transactions via a payments page.

Getting on Board with eCOMM Merchant Solutions

There are two distinct workstreams to consider when getting on board with eCOMM Merchant Solutions from a commercial onboarding and technical integration standpoint.

Developer Documentation

Merchant developers working on integrating eCOMM can find technical documentation here.

A developer team. Hosted Payment Page sample image.

Sample view of the Hosted Payment solution. This can be styled to match the merchant's website and brand.